Enthusiasm Is Contagious

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Enthusiasm is Contagious

Good news: Eclectic Tech Carnival is happening this year in Athens!

When a group of us met in Antwerp in April this year, we generally assumed we would be discussing the possibility of holding another Eclectic Tech Carnival in 2020, but the Greek women at the meeting were not willing to wait that long and enthusiastically offered to contact more local women in Athens to organize an /ETC there – this year!

Preparing to hold another /ETC within only a few months is challenging, but Mara, Angeliki, Natalia and others have caught everyone up in their enthusiasm and determination, drawing in the most interesting local groups as well.

Keep watching our website and/or our mailing list for details: https:// lists.eclectictechcarnival.org/cgi-bin/mailman/listinfo/etc-int

Let’s do this – see you soon in Athens!