Published a memory

From our new platform for hosting feminist queer and art experimental videos, based on the free software peertubee, today we just published a recording from our archive: /ETC in Belgrad 2011!

Feminist Hacker Assembly

Also this year, 2021, we will partecipate at the rc3 with a dedicated Assembly online. Spread the Call for the selfmanaged Feminist Hacker Assembly!

Assembly of different contributions from the galaxy of Hacker Feminisms all around the world. The glue is the meeting /etc, Eclectich Tech, running from the 2002. There are contributions from some self managed servers, like and, fanzines, books, radio programs, codes, games, ...

*For proposals and submission:* 📧 call AT eclectictechcarnival org

We want write the first draft of schedule on 18th of December!

Here the videos of the past event: 2020 rc3

Please visit the FAQ page for more information and the Archive page for information about previous /ETCs.

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