Hi dears!
spread the Call for the selfmanaged Feminist Hacker Assembly!

Assembly of different contributions from the galaxy of Hacker Feminisms all around the world. The glue is the meeting /etc, Eclectich Tech, running from the 2002. There are contributions from some self managed servers, like https://systerserver.net/ and https://anarchaserver.org/, fanzines https://psaroskalazines.gr/zines/, books, radio programs https://hackordie.gattini.ninja/hack-or-wave/, codes, games, ...

*For proposals and submission:* 📧 call AT eclectictechcarnival org

We want write the first draft of schedule on 8th of December!

General guideline from CCCin rC3 version:

How to rc3 - Remote Chaos 3xperience
  • What - Whatever it will be about, it should look and feel like a time travel. Back to these times when people were caught in their rooms with their computers.
  • Why - We believe that people will recognize the flashback. It’s an encouragement of the right path. Let’s go back and look through other perspectives with another awareness and more knowledge to find new ways.
  • Feeling - People should feel comfortable in their memories of a new start and beginning.
  • Motivation - Change accepted. Think new. You can still change things!
Please visit the FAQ page for more information and the Archive page for information about previous /ETCs.

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